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John Cory snr

[Cory Vale], [Sillick], [Vacy], [Poltimore], [Tackbeare]

John Cory senior arrived in New South Wales in 1823 on the Allies with his son Edward Gostwyck Cory and Edward's wife Frances. In 1824 John was granted 800 acres of land on the Paterson River adjoining George Frankland's 'The Vineyard' in 1824 and he named his grant 'Cory Vale'.

map showing John Cory's land grant 'Cory Vale'

John Cory's land grant on the Paterson River. See full map.

John added to his grant by purchasing two blocks of land across the Paterson River from Cory Vale. One of these blocks consisted of 400 acres which he split into 'Sillick' and 'Vasy' (as then splelt). The other was 640 acres that he called 'Poltimore'. His Vacy estate comprised Poltimore, Sillick and Vasy. The estate is shown on Dangar's 1828 map simply as Vasy and Pattimore (this map does not face north). The township of Vacy developed on the Vacy estate following its subdivision and sale in 1927 (see also 1927 subdivision plan for Vacy and map of land around Vacy).

John returned to England in 1827 at the request of his wife, and in 1836 Cory Vale was divided between his two sons, John Johnson and Gilbert. Cory Vale was split along the Allyn River that runs through it. The eastern section, comprising 525 acres, retained the name Cory Vale and was purchased by John Horn in 1877 [who from?]. The western section consisting of 280 acres became 'Tackbeare' and was eventually owned by Gilbert Cory in his own right.


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