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Paterson River history

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George Adair


map showing Cardoness

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George Adair arrived in New South Wales on the ship Nassau in May 1825[1] and the following month he was granted 1,600 acres of land on the Paterson River immediately to the west of John Cory's grant 'Cory Vale'. Adair named his grant 'Cardoness' (see map).

In January 1827 in Sydney Harbour George met the ship Magnet which was carrying his brother James Adair who had just arrived in the colony. On the trip back to shore from the Magnet their boat overturned and George was drowned, but James survived.[2] George was only 25 years of age.[3]

Because of George's early death, James Adair's name appears on parish maps as the first owner of Cardoness.[4] The deeds of Cardoness were eventually issued to James following a determination by the Court of Claims that he was the legal heir.[5]

Another brother, Samuel Adair, took up land that he named 'Lennoxton', just across the river (see map).


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